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Activate and Configure Google Analytics

Wiki administrators use the Google Analytics (GA) service in order to get detailed statistics about the visitors. XWiki Enterprise provides a dedicated section in the wiki preferences page for activating the Google Analytics tracking. 

To enable Google Analytics, click the DrawerMenuIcon.png button to open the drawer menu, then click the "Administer Wiki" link.


Next, in the administration page, click on the "Google Analytics" link from the vertical left menu to the left.


XWiki Enterprise allows you to define different tracking accounts for each wiki and to use more than one tracking account per wiki. All you need to do is to enter your Google Analytics account in the "Account" text area and to click on "Save". The account format is UA-xxxxxxx-x. It is also possible to enter several GA accounts separated by a space. 


Moreover, you can set the tracking method you chose when creating the Google Analytics account: Universal or Classic.



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