Applications Panel

The "Applications" panel in the column on the left displays an overview of the applications installed on the wiki so that users can quickly switch between extensions. Wiki administrator have an extra section available named "More applications" with links to Extension Manager and App Within Minutes.


You may customize panel width via the "Page Elements" or the "Panel Wizard" -> "Page Layout" sections in the wiki administration page, as detailed in the Panels Application documentation. When the size is set to "Small", the panel becomes a "dock" bar. 

The "Applications Panel" section in the wiki preferences page allows administrators to choose which ones of the installed applications will be displayed in the wiki sidebar. 


To hide an application, just drag & drop its corresponding icon from the "Applications in the bar" box to "Applications not in the bar", then hit "Save".


In older versions, applications were listed alphabetically, which was quite limiting for the users. This is the reason why version 8.4 adds support for reordering items.

Starting with XWiki Enterprise 8.2, some applications were removed from the "Applications" panel - like Scheduler, Invitation, Panels - with the intention to simplify the UI and promote a smaller number of applications. In order for them to still be discoverable, we added in the "Application Index" option to the drawer menu.



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