Blog Application

XWiki comes with the Blog Application which allows you to easily create blog posts and organize them into categories. You can publish your blog posts instantly, or at a later date. The XWiki blog has a dedicated set of panels that provide an easy navigation for you and other readers.

Access the Blog Home Page

There are currently 2 ways of accessing the XWiki Blog Application:

  • by clicking on "Blog" in the "Applications" panel


  • by clicking the DrawerMenuIcon.png icon which launches the drawer menu, then on "Application Index" in order to access the list of installed applications


Create a Blog Post

To create a new blog post, go to the Blog space home page or access any blog category page from the "Blog Category" panel, fill in the new post title and click on "Create".


A new page will open in edit mode, allowing you to change the blog post title, add the post content,


and a summary.


Next, select a category and set the publication date for the blog post.


To create a subcategory, hover any category name and click the + icon. Next, enter the category name and click on "Add". By default, the new category will have the hovered category as parent, which means that "News" will be the parent of "OpenSource".


Another possibility is to click on the "Add a category" link. This way you can decide whether the new category will have an existing category as parent or not. 


The new categories hierarchy will be automatically updated in the "Blog Categories" panel which is displayed by default in the right panel column. Notice that the panel now has an entry for "All" blog posts with a dedicated RSS feed.


After you have filled in all the information, click on "Save & View" and you are done. You can see your blog post as the latest entry in your blog.


Edit a Blog Post

To edit a blog entry, click on the yellow pen located on the top right corner of the post.


The blog post will open in "Inline" mode allowing you to: 

  • update the content
  • add or update the summary
  • change the category
  • set a new publish date
  • mark the blog post as hidden

Publish a Blog Post

You can publish a blog post right after creating it or set a later time for it to be published.


To publish a blog post at any time before the set date, click the globe icon.


Hide a Blog Post

To hide a blog post from other users, click on the lock icon next to the edit pen


or click on the yellow pen icon to edit the article and check the "Hide article" option.


To make the blog post visible again, just click on the open lock icon next to the edit pen.


Manage Blog Categories

You can easily filter blog posts by categories by clicking on the category name you are interested in from the "Blog Categories" panel. To edit categories or to create new ones, click on the "Edit Categories" link at the bottom of the panel.


To create a category, click on "Add a category" in the page "Manage blog categories". Fill in the new category name, select "None" for "Subcategory of" and click on "Add". To create a subcategory, just follow the steps with the sole difference is that this time you have to select an existing category as parent.


Another way of creating a subcategory is to hover an existing category, then click the + icon. This way, the hovered category will automatically be set as a parent for the new one.


To rename or delete a category, hover the category name and click on the pen icon


or on the X button respectively.


Blog RSS Feeds

You can easily subscribe to the RSS feed for the whole blog by clicking the RSS icon next to the "All" link in the "Blog Categories" panel. It is also possible to subscribe to the separate blog categories from any page in the Blog.



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