Configure Annotations

Annotations can be configured from the dedicated section in the wiki administration page. To change the default settings, click the DrawerMenuIcon.png button which opens the drawer menu, then click on "Administer Wiki".


In the wiki preferences page, click on the "Annotations" link from the vertical menu to the left.


From this section you may configure:

  • Whether annotations are enabled
  • Whether annotations are enabled on the whole wiki or on a subset of locations
  • Whether annotations are displayed by default or only when checking the "Show annotations" option on each page
  • Whether the annotations highlight should always be displayed or whether it should only appear when hovering an annotation
  • Extra properties for the annotations.


Annotations are merged with comments by default so, if you go to the "XWiki Class Defining Annotations Structure" field from the annotations configuration page, you will see that now it is "XWiki.XWikiComments" instead of "AnnotationCode.AnnotationClass". The "XWiki.XWikiComments" class has also been modified by adding new properties in order to support annotations.


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