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XWiki Applications Overview

An application is a self-contained set of XWiki pages that offers a powerful way to create advanced content within wiki pages. These pages can be exported into a single archive file named a XAR which can be imported again into other wikis. 

XWiki Bundled Applications

administration.png Administration Application
Allows to administrate an XWiki Enterprise instance.

annotations.png Annotations Application
Annotation User Interface.

applicationformadd.gif Application Within Minutes
Helps you create collaborative web applications within minutes, based on XWiki's powerful structured data management system.

blog.png Blog Application
Transforms the wiki into a "bliki" with the ability to add Blog posts and display them.

connect.gif Extension Manager Application
Used to install, update or remove extensions in/from the wiki.

palette.png Flamingo Color Theme Application
Allow to easily customize skins based on Flamingo and live preview the results.

help.png Help Application
Provides help within your wiki with xwiki syntaxes and customizing the registration process.

table.png Import - Export Application
Allows to export one or several pages from your wiki into a XAR file or to import one or several pages from an existing XAR file in order to move wiki pages from one instance to another or to perform a lightweight backup of your wiki.

applicationsidetree.gif Index Application
Displays an index of all documents, attachments, orphans, deleted items in the wiki.

invitation.png Invitation Application
Allows users to send emails, inviting friends and colleagues to join a wiki.

linkbreak.gif Link Checker Application
Displays states of external links found in the wiki.

text_align_justify.png Logging Application
An application to review and manipulate XWiki logs.

email.png Mail Application
Application for configuring emails and for managing their status.

x-office-document.png Office Importer Application
Imports office documents into wiki pages.

panels.png Panels Applications
Provides placeholders to put content located or right of the page's content.

scheduler.png Scheduler Application
Allows scheduling jobs.

magnifier.png Solr Search Application
Allows searching on the wiki using Apache Solr.

color-themes.png Skin Application
Allows to edit an existing skin.

tag.png Tag Application
Tag pages with keywords and navigate your wiki using these keywords.

user.png User Directory Application
Displays a directory of all users in the wiki.

cog.png Tour Application
Allows to create guided tours for any wiki page in order to better familiarize users with the most relevant features on that page.

watchlist.png Watchlist Application
Subscribe to pages, locations and wikis and receive RSS and email notifications when they are modified.

webdav.png Webdav Application
Allows editing attachments through WebDAV.

house.png Wiki Application
An XWiki application for creating and managing wikis.

macro.png Wiki Macro Bridge Application
Allows creating XWiki macros through wiki pages.

Other XWiki Applications (Not Bundled)

cog.png Admin Tools Application
A collection of scripts that wiki administrators can execute to list the system configuration information, perform various database maintenance tasks, display the rights configuration and so on.

statistics.png Statistics Application
Provides various panels and pages displaying wiki related statistics.

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