Active Installs Module

The Active Installs Module consists of 2 parts:

  • the Active Installs Server API
  • the Active Installs Client API

The source code is available on GitHub.

Active Installs Client Module

The Active Installs Client module provides the API which allows to store the instance UUID and send regular pings notifying that the instance is alive. This is useful in order to know who is using XWiki. The data is sent anonymously from the running XWiki instance. 

According to the source code, the data contains:

  • the formatVersion - a unique id representing the XWiki instance which is generated using the Java UUID implementation so that the data is sent anonymously
  • the date of the ping
  • the distributionId and distributionVersion
  • the id and version of each installed extension

The Active Installs Client API is bundled with XWiki Enterprise. The dedicated JAR files are:

  • WEB-INF/lib/xwiki-platform-activeinstalls-client-api-[version].jar
  • WEB-INF/lib/xwiki-platform-activeinstalls-common-[version].jar

Active Installs Server Application

The Active Installs Server API displays the data gathered by the Active Installs Client module. For the moment, the dedicated "Active Installs Server Application" UI only displays:

  • The total number of XWiki instances
  • The number of Active XWiki instances
    • For XWiki 5.2, the instances that have sent a ping in the past month
    • For XWiki 5.3, the instances that have sent a ping in the past 2 days and for which the distributionId is  org.xwiki.enterprise:xwiki-enterprise-web (i.e. XE) and the versions are not snapshot versions.

To install the "Active Installs Server Application", just use the Extension Manager wizard, then go to "ActiveInstalls.WebHome" to view the statistics:



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