Activity Macro

The {{activity /}} macro used by the Activity Stream UI is bundled with XWiki Standard and it allows you to keep better track of what is happening in the wiki or the farm. The displayed notifications include:

  • page creation
  • page edit
  • page delete
  • comments and annotations events
  • attachments events
  • the posts shared with other users via the {{shareMessage /}} macro
  • wiki join/leave events
  • wiki invitation events


You can either edit the page in "Wiki" mode and add the below line or insert the macro using the Wysiwyg editor.

{{activity entries="<entries>" subentries="<subentries>" wikis="<wikis>" spaces="<spaces>" authors="<authors>" tags="<tags>"
minor="<true|false>" rss="<true|false>"/}}


NameOptionalAllowed valuesDefault valueDescription
entriesYESA numerical value20The number of entries to display the activity for.
subentriesYESA numerical value10The number of events to display for each entry.
wikisYESA list of stringsIf no value is specified, the macro displays events for the current wikiA comma separated list of wiki domain names to display events for.
spacesYESA list of stringsIf no value is specified, the macro displays events for all spacesA comma separated list of spaces to display events for.
authorsYESA list of strings each representing the full name (of full prefixed name) of a user pageIf no value is specified, the macro displays modifications for all usersA comma separated list of wiki users whose modifications to display.
tagsYESA list of stringsNoneA comma separated list of tags to display events for. Only documents containing these specific tags will be handled.
minorYESA string set to "true" or "false"falseA flag determining whether to display events that create minor versions or not.
rssYESA string set to "true" or "false"falseA flag deciding whether to show the activity RSS link or not.


1. Display the activity for spaces "Main", "XWiki" and "Blog" and for the "Marketing" and "Projects" sub-wikis:

{{activity spaces="Main,XWiki,Blog" wikis="marketing,projects" /}}

2. Display the activity for the global user "JaneDoe":

{{activity authors="xwiki:XWiki.JaneDoe" /}}

3. Display the activity, including minor edits, for pages containing the tags "Company" and "Events":

{{activity minor="true" tags="Company,Events" /}}


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