Box Macro

The Box macro renders wiki content in a graphical box which can contain a title and an image.


{{box title="<title>" image="<image>" cssClass="<cssClass>" /}}


NameOptionalAllowed valuesDescriptionDefault value
titleYesA string: raw text or "xwiki/2.0" syntaxThe title displayed in the message boxNone
imageYesA string representing an absolute URLThe image to display in the message boxNone
cssClassYesA stringThe CSS sheet to use for rendering the boxNone


{{box title="Content" image="" cssClass="floatingBox"}}
* Overview
* What's New

will display


The custom CSS can be included in a StyleSheetExtension object attached to the page. For the above example the CSS rules for the ".floatingBox" class are:

.floatingBox img{
width: 50px;
width: 500px;

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