CKEditor Configuration

CKEditor is the new XWiki Standard default Wysiwyg editor, which is why starting with version 8.4 we have added a dedicated configuration page to the wiki preferences. 

To access it, click the DrawerMenuIcon.png button which opens the drawer menu, then on "Administer Wiki".


Next, click on "Editing" -> "WYSIWYG Editor" in the accordion menu to the left 


The "Disabled Plugins" and "Disabled Toolbar Features" filter drop-down boxes allow to activate or deactivate specific functionalities in the editor toolbar. Details about all of them are available in the "CKEditor" documentation listed below "Related Pages".


The "Link:Show Advanced Tab" and "Link:Show Target Tab" enable the display of the "Advanced" and "Target" tabs in the "Link" dialog box in order to:

  • set the link attributes like: Id, Name, Advisory Title, Style, whether to force download and so on


  • set the link "target" attribute like opening it in a new window or in the specific frame or popup window.


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