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Edit the Sub-Wiki Settings

In order to have the necessary privileges to administer a sub-wiki, you need to either be its owner or an administrator.

Edit the Wiki Descriptor

You can customize most of a sub-wiki properties from its descriptor page:

  • pretty name
  • owner
  • home page
  • whether the wiki is used as template for other wikis
  • whether the generated external URLs are using the HTTPS protocol

Moreover, the descriptor page can be used to create, edit and remove sub-wiki aliases.

All sub-wiki descriptors are stored in the main wiki and can be accessed from the Wiki Directory by clicking the corresponding "Edit" link in the "Actions" column.


Next, edit the page in "Inline" mode and start making changes.


Edit the Wiki Owner

The owner is a global user that he has all the privileges granted on the sub-wiki. To delete the entry, edit the descriptor page in "Inline" mode, hover the user name and click on the red "X" in the top right corner.


To add the new owner, enter the first characters of the username and the suggest feature will help you by displaying the occurrences.


A sub-wiki cannot have multiple owners but it does support multiple administrators. Both the owner and the administrators can edit or delete the sub-wiki or manage its members.

Wiki Aliases

A wiki can have several aliases apart from the primary one which can only be edited, but never deleted because it holds the descriptor. To add an alias, go to the descriptor page, locate the "Create a New Alias" section, enter the name of the new alias and click on "Create". 


The new alias will be displayed in the "View Aliases" section. To remove the alias, click the "Delete" button.


To add a description or to change the home page, just edit the descriptor in "Inline" mode.


Access the Wiki Descriptor from the Preferences Page

The "Descriptor" section in the wiki preferences page allows administrator users to edit the pretty name, description, home page and owner of the current wiki.


In case you want to change the wiki owner, please take into account the fact that the previous owner will lose his owner rights.


Additional Configurations

Additional configurations related to membership type, user scope and members can be done from the sub-wiki administration page. To do so, click the DrawerMenuIcon.png button to open the drawer menu, then on "Administer Wiki".


In the wiki preferences page, click on "Users & Rights" -> "Users" in the accordion menu to the left. After modifying the membership type or the user scope, don't forget to click on "Save".


Depending on this configuration you can add, invite or accept join requests from global users as described in the dedicated documentation page.


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