Container Macro

The Container macro displays wiki content in columns.


The Container macro is in fact used to define the layout. The columns will be delimited by the Group syntactic elements: (((...))).

{{container layoutStyle="<columns|any string>" justify="<true|false>"}}
(((first column)))
(((second column)))
Starting with XWiki Enterprise 6.0, the Container macro is responsive, meaning that if there is not enough place to display the columns side by side, they will be displayed one after the other on a vertical alignment.



NameOptionalAllowed valuesDescriptionDefault value
layoutStyleYesThe columns layout is implemented by default, but you can use any stringThe layout used for the content grouped by the macroNone. If no value is specified, the content will be rendered as if it wasn't using the macro (i.e. no value is applied).
  • true
  • false
A flag stating whether the content in the container is justified or not.false


{{container layoutStyle="columns" justify="true"}}
(((The XWiki skins extensions is a mechanism that allows you to customize the layout or just some pages of your wiki, without the need of changing the skin templates or the stylesheets. The "Skin Extension" plugin provides you with the ability to send to the browser extra JavaScript and CSS files that are not part of the actual skin of the wiki. The code for these extensions is defined in wiki objects.
The "Use this extension" field has 3 options:

* **Always on this wiki** which indicates that the code will apply on all the pages. {{info}}In order to execute an extension with this option selected you need to have programming rights.{{/info}}
* **Always on this page**
* **On demand** which will force you to call the extension explicitly to see it executed as shown below)))
A document can have as many **ssx** or **jsx** object as it needs, but a skin extension is identified by the name of the document, so in the end an extension is a document. The content of a skin extension is the concatenation of the objects in that document, so it is not possible to write two different extensions in a single document, only different parts of the same extension.

will display:



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