Create a Sub-Wiki

The Right to Create Wikis

Any main wiki user can create wikis, provided he/she has the "createwiki" right which can only be granted via the main wiki. To do so, click the DrawerMenuIcon.png button which opens the drawer menu, then on "Administer Wiki".


Next, in the preferences page, click on "Wikis" -> "Creation Right" in the accordion menu to the left


which will bring an overview of the global groups rights.


Click once on a check-box to allow a right, twice to deny it and three times to clear it. Note that access rights are saved automatically.

Create a Sub-Wiki

To create a sub-wiki, you must first access the Wiki Directory - start by clicking the DrawerMenuIcon.png button to open the drawer menu, then on "Wiki Index"


and finally, on "+ Create Wiki".


You will be redirected to the first step of the new wiki creation wizard allowing you to define:

  • the wiki identifier which corresponds to the database name in the database engine; the wiki identifier is also used to generate the wiki descriptor page which is stored in the main wiki
  • the wiki pretty name which represents the display name
  • the wiki template to use or whether the wiki is going to be used as template
  • a short description of the wiki purpose 

Create a Wiki Template

A template is a wiki that will be considered as a model to create new wikis. When a user selects a template to create a new wiki, all the content of the template is copied to the new wiki.

Supposing you already have the right to create a wiki, the next thing to consider is whether there are wiki templates available. The list of existing wiki templates (if any) is available in the main wiki administration page by clicking on "Wikis" -> "Wiki Templates" in the accordion menu.



In the first step of the wiki creation wizard, click the "Template" tab and make sure to check the option "This wiki will be a template".


In case you have enabled the domain name based access, the wizard will display a dedicated field so that you can enter the new wiki alias.  


After filling in the required fields, click on "Go to the Next Step" in which you will get to choose the wiki owner, the scope and the membership type.


The default owner is the current global user so, if you wish to delete the entry, hover the user name and click on the red "X" in the top right corner. 


To add the new owner, enter the first characters of the username and the suggest feature will help you by displaying the occurrences. 


The same principle applies for the sub-wiki "Members". The dedicated input has improved allowing you to add multiple users at once. 


To remove a member, hover the corresponding user name and click on the red "X" in the top right corner. In case you want to remove all the members at once, click on "Clear selection".

Each type of membership defines a different kind of sub-wiki:

  • any user can join the wiki (an open wiki)
  • any global user can make a join request, but an administrator has to accept it (a join-by-request wiki)
  • only the administrator can make invitations (an invitation-only wiki)

Also, there are 3 possible user scopes which will tell you the type of users that will have access to the sub-wiki:

  • only global users (main wiki users)
  • only local users (users that will be created locally on the sub-wiki)
  • both local and global users

After filling in the required fields, click on "Create" and the system will start provisioning the wiki, which means allocating memory and creating the database. The wiki creation process is not handled by the Distribution Wizard anymore - instead, it has been moved to a job and during the installation, you are informed in real time about each installed extension through a detailed install plan log.


When the progress bar reaches 100%, XWiki will display a success message: click on "Go to the wiki" to finish the installation and access the new sub-wiki home page. 


In the "Wiki Information" panel you will see a welcome message with the name and description of the wiki and also with information about the owner. The panel is not displayed by default, you can use the Panel List for this purpose.


Create a Sub-Wiki from a Template / Flavor

After creating a default wiki template, it is time to create a sub-wiki that will use it. To do so, during the first step of the wiki creation wizard, click the "Template" tab and select "Template Wiki".


On the other hand, if you go to the "Flavor" tab an choose the "XWiki Standard Flavor - Sub Wiki" option you will obtain a sub-wiki containing a copy of the XWiki Standard pages and applications for sub-wikis. Additionally, you may create an empty wiki.


After choosing the user scope, the membership type and the initial members, click on "Create".


Just like in the previous case, the system will start allocating memory for the new wiki and create the associated database.


Next, click on "Go to the wiki" to perform the last step of the process


and to be redirected to the new sub-wiki home page. In case the process fails, there will be an explanatory error message displayed and a button for cleaning and deleting the wiki.


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