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Customize the Language and Timezone Settings

Set Up the Supported Languages

To set up the supported languages, log in as administrator, click the DrawerMenuIcon.png button to open the drawer menu, then click on "Administer Wiki".


In the wiki administration page, click on "Content" -> "Localization" in the accordion menu to the left.


At this point you have 3 possibilities:

  • keep the default settings by leaving "Multilingual" to "---" which means that the default language of the wiki will be English ("en").
  • set "Multilingual" to "No" and enter the default language you wish to have on your wiki. XWiki currently supports 38 languages as explained in the documentation page about "Internationalization".
  • set "Multilingual" to "Yes", enter the supported languages separated by comas ("en,fr,de,es"), then define the default language for the wiki.

The language text inputs have been replaced with filter drop-down boxes for easy use.



Global Timezone Settings

XWiki Standard allows administrators to globally set the timezone without the need to directly access the server. So, in order to use a specific timezone for the whole wiki, just select it from the "Timezone" filter drop-down list in the "Date/Time" section. 



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