Dashboard Macro

The Dashboard macro creates a dashboard page in which to display a collection of gadgets grouped in columns.


To create an empty dashboard page, just edit the page in "Wiki" mode and use the following syntax: {{dashboard style="<style>" layout="<column>" source="<source>" /}}


NameOptionalAllowed valuesDescriptionDefault value
styleYesAny stringThe style of the gadgets on the dashboardEmpty string. A predefined value is panels which will display the gadgets like panels. You can also define your own style using stylesheet extensions.
layoutYesAny string but only columns is implemented by defaultThe layout of the gadgets on the dashboardNone
sourceYesA string representing the name of a documentThe page from where the objects defining the dashboard gadgets should be readNone
Starting with version 8.4, a Dashboard only displays a gadget provided its content is not empty when rendered which allows Gadgets to control whether they should be displayed or not.


To know more about how to add and customize gadgets, you could read the following tutorials listed in the "Related Pages" section:

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