Editing Modes

To access all the available editing modes from the menu you need to be an "advanced user" as explained in the User Preferences documentation page. Otherwise, when clicking the "Edit" button, the default editor will be used.


The XWiki editing modes are:

  • Wiki - this mode allows you to enter text using a simple Wiki Syntax. The syntax help page is available by clicking on the link displayed in the "XWiki Syntax Help" panel.


Syntax highlighting is automatically activated for the "Wiki" editor that now also has some new features including:

  • line numbers
  • active line highlighting
  • tab line indentation
  • 2 spaces on tab
  • matching and auto-closing brackets, parentheses and quotes
  • matching selection highlighting
  • scroll to undo/redo position
  • trailing white-space highlighting
  • multi-line comment auto indentation on newline
  • search / replace with regex support
  • WYSIWYG - this mode is ideal for first time users or for people not at ease to use the Wiki Syntax.


  • Inline form - this mode is a special feature of XWiki allowing administrators to define patterns of structured information (like a blog entry, or a standard form). Pages containing such structured information can be edited and re-edited as simple HTML forms, which have almost the same structure as the displayed page. Thus, when clicking on "Edit" the page content can be edited in-place, or inline and the form view is automatically displayed.


  • Objects - this mode makes it possible to attach Objects to pages. Objects are simple sets of properties containing additional information about a page.


  • Class - this mode calls the class editor on the current page, allowing you to edit the class attached to the document.


The Edit button loads the default editor for that page or form. The default editor setting is available in the user preferences page.

Also, as we have adopted the Nested Pages feature, the "Access Rights" option was removed from the edit menu for non-terminal pages. In its place, you can use the new Administer Page UI.


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