Event Stream Module

The Event Stream Module provides an API for manipulating activity events. An activity event is a recorded event of an action triggered in the wiki: page creation, modification or deletion, added or deleted objects and attachments etc. This API was created in order to replace the old Activity Stream Plugin.

The source code is available on GitHub.


As shown in the Event interface, events are identified by: 

  • an unique identifier
  • a unique group identifier which is used for all the events triggered by the same action
  • the date and time when the event occurred
  • the importance allowing to order events in the same group or in the same stream which can be:
    • BACKGROUND - means the event is of very low importance in the current group. This is usually a side effect of another event
    • MINOR - means the event is of little importance, not relevant for most users.
    • MEDIUM - is the default event priority.
    • MAJOR - means that the event is important and it stands out in the event stream.
    • CRITICAL - means that the event signals a major change or problem in the wiki.

Every event contains a title, a body and a map of parameters.

Starting with XWiki Enterprise 3.5 the map of parameters was removed because of performance issues.

Events are categorized depending on:

  • the application that created them (The Blog Application, the User Status feature or the general wiki)
  • an eventual sub-stream inside the application, like a space for wiki events, or a certain group for user statuses
  • the particular type of event, like adding a comment, updating an attachment, setting a new user status

Events target:

  • the wiki, space and document affected by the event
  • an eventual entity inside the document, like an individual attachment for attachment events or an individual object for comment events

Events can store more information about the context in which they occur:

  • the user that caused the event
  • the version of the target document at the time the event occurred
  • the display title of the target document at the time the event occurred
  • the requested URL that caused the event



Add an Event to the Event Stream

import org.xwiki.eventstream.Event;
import org.xwiki.eventstream.EventFactory;
import org.xwiki.eventstream.EventStream;

private EventFactory eventFactory;

private EventStream eventStream;

Event event = this.eventFactory.createEvent();


Map<String, String> params = new HashMap<String, String>();
params.put("event alert", "entry created");


Retrieve Events From the Stream

Query query = this.queryManager.createQuery("where event.application='myapp'", Query.HQL);

List<Event> myAppEvents = this.eventStream.searchEvents(query)

for(Event event : myAppEvents ) {
// Handle events


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