Footnote Macro

The Footnote macro adds a note of text to the bottom of the page. The note of text is marked by a superscript number containing a link to the area in the page where the footnote is displayed. On the other hand, the text in the footnote area is preceded by a back-link to the area in the text where it is referred.


// Text to display in the footnote


In order to create a link, you usually select the text that you would like to become the label of the link and then choose the right option from the Link menu based on the type of link you wish to create. You can change the label of the link later, in the link creation process, by editing the link after it was created or directly in the editing area. Be careful though that by changing the label in the link creation process or by editing the link, the label loses its formatting (see Text Formatting). If you don't want to lose the formatting, then edit the link label directly inside the editing area. Selecting the label before choosing a type of link from the "Link" menu is not required: you will be asked to provide a label during the link creation process and this label will be inserted at the caret position. Moreover, you can select an image as the link label.
You cannot create links inside links and you cannot create a link if the selected label spans through multiple blocks of text (paragraphs, headings, lists etc.). This last constraint is due to the fact that a link has to be in-line.

will display


When the superscript number link is clicked, the corresponding footnote is highlighted.


Also, when clicking the link that leads back to the reference of a footnote, the corresponding footnote marker is highlighted.



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