Gallery Macro

The Gallery macro displays an image gallery using attached files or images located at external URLs.


{{gallery class="<CSS Class>" height="<heightValue>px" width="<widthValue>px" }}
image://relative path to attached image//


image://link to external URL


NameOptionalDescriptionAccepted Values
classYesCustom CSS class name to apply on the gallery container in order to customize the appearance of a gallery instance.
heightYesThe gallery height - empty value means there is no explicit height set.349px
widthYesThe gallery width - empty value means there is no explicit width set.620px


Display the images attached to "Main.WebHome"


will display


Display all images visible on a page

You can display the images visible on another page by using the Display macro inside the Gallery macro.

{{display reference="Main.Team"/}}

Display images from an RSS feed

You can display the images from an RSS feed by using the RSS macro inside the Gallery macro.

{{rss feed="" content="true" decoration="false" /}}

Display images attached to the current page

To do so, you can use the Attachment Gallery macro which extends the Gallery macro.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Display the previous image
Display the next image
HomeDisplay the first image
EndDisplay the last image
FToggle full-screen view
EscExit full-screen view


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