ID Macro

The ID macro is similar to the HTML anchor element and it allows you to define a reference or a location in a page.


{{id name="<name>" /}}


NameOptionalAllowed valuesDescriptionDefault value
nameNoAny stringThe value of the identifierNone


In the example below, the link will redirect to the last paragraph (i.e. the one starting with "By default, results are sorted...").

= Solr Search =

The new XWiki Enterprise default search engine is Solr, based on Apache Solr which has its own index, separate from the Lucene index. You may access the Solr search page by navigating to Main.SolrSearch.

[[Click here to jump to the last paragraph of this section>>||anchor="lastParagraph"]]

The Solr search module automatically indexes the changes made on the wiki and at each startup a background job checks if the Solr index and the database are synchronized. If not, the job only applies the updates.

The manual indexing is still available because it is more stable so, in case you need to perform it, follow the steps described in the "Search Configuration" documentation page.

{{id name="lastParagraph" /}}

By default, results are sorted by relevance i.e. depending on the scoring of each document. You may also choose to filter the results by name, date or the last author. If the keyword is not found in the document title, the wiki name or the space name but in content of the wiki document, the search results will also display excerpts in which each occurrence will be highlighted.

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