Joda Time Plugin

The Joda Time plugin provides a Velocity-friendly API on top of the Joda Time library. The plugin is enabled by default in XWiki Standard, so you will find it in the "xwiki.plugins" list of the xwiki.cfg file:

#-# List of active plugins.

The source code is available on GitHub at xwiki-platform-jodatime.



## Format the displayed result
#set($formatter = $xwiki.jodatime.getDateTimeFormatterForStyle('F-'))

## Display the current time
#set($currentTime = $xwiki.jodatime.dateTime)

## Display the second day of the current week
#set($secondDayWeek = $currentTime.withDayOfWeek(2))


will display


Example using "getDateTimeFormatterForPattern"


#set($formatter = $xwiki.jodatime.getDateTimeFormatterForPattern("dd/MM/yyyy 'at' hh:mm"))

## Display the document creation time
#set($creationDate = $xwiki.jodatime.getDateTime($doc.creationDate.time))
Document created on $formatter.print($creationDate)

## Display the number of days left until Easter
#set($formatter = $xwiki.jodatime.getDateTimeFormatterForPattern('yyyy.MM.dd'))
#set($easterDay = $formatter.parseDateTime('2014.04.20'))
#set($now = $xwiki.jodatime.dateTime)
#set($daysLeft = $easterDay.minus($now.millis))
$daysLeft.getDayOfYear() days left until Easter


will display 


More examples for the Joda Time plugin are available on

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