Configure the Office Server

There are two ways of configuring an Office server:

  • as an internally managed process which is the default option
  • as an externally managed process

Configure Office as an Internally Managed Server Process

By choosing the default configuration for Office, you allow your XWiki Standard installation to manage the Office server process for you. Moreover, there is an UI available in the wiki preferences page allowing you to start, stop or restart the Office server. 

The Local Office UI

To get to the Office Server administration section, click the DrawerMenuIcon.png button in order to open the drawer menu, then click on "Administer Wiki".


In the wiki preferences page, click on "Content" -> "Office Server" in the accordion menu to the left.


You will then see the UI of your internally managed Office server,


along with the 3 available actions to an administrator:

  • start the server
  • restart the server
  • stop the server

Configure Office as an Externally Managed Server Process

This information only concerns the system administrators. 

Having an externally managed server process means that the system administrator has full control on the Office server process. First of all, you need to edit the file and set the openoffice.serverType parameter to 1. Next, the Office server needs to be manually started as a separate process by running the following command in the terminal, into the "program" directory:

soffice -headless -accept="socket,host=,port=8100;urp;" -nofirststartwizard

After restarting Tomcat, you will notice a change in the Office Server administration page, because this time you will only have 2 available actions:

  • connect to the server
  • disconnect from the server


The Automatic Start Feature

In order to use the automatic start feature, edit the file and set the openoffice.autoStart parameter to true as shown below:

#-# [Since 1.9M2]
#-# If the openoffice server should be started / connected upon XE start.
#-# Default value is false
# openoffice.autoStart=true


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