Office Importer Application

The Office Importer application is bundled with XWiki Standard and it allows you to import Office documents into wiki pages. This application uses an Office server in order to convert Office documents into HTML and then into XWiki syntax.


In order to use the Office Importer application, you need to:

  • have a properly configured XWiki Standard instance
  • install OpenOffice or LibreOffice
  • start the OpenOffice/LibreOffice server on the machine hosting your XWiki Standard instance

To learn how to configure the Office server, follow the dedicated documentation page.

There are 2 ways of importing an Office file into a wiki page:

  • using the "Create Page" form
  • using CKEditor

Import an Office Page Using the "Create Page" Form

If you have configured an Office server and XWiki is connected to it, go to any wiki page and click the "+ Create" button.


To learn how to fill in the "Title" and "Location" fields, please refer to this link. You will also notice a "Page from Office" option in the "Type" section.


After clicking on "Create", you will be redirected to the new Office Importer UI which has been reworked in order to honor nested pages. The "Target" field represents the location in the page hierarchy where the new page will be created.


By checking the "Filter styles" option, any unnecessary styles will be removed from the result. Also, you may choose to create multiple wiki pages from the source page which will be split before each heading.

If the operation is successful, you will then see the XWiki.OfficeImporterResults page which contains 2 links:

  • the result link leading you to the recently imported page
  • the Go back link which redirects you to the Office Importer main page


In case the imported file has embedded images, they are now saved as attachments to the target wiki page. This used to be the default behavior until recent versions of LibreOffice / OpenOffice have started to embed the images in the generated HTML, which ended up in the wiki syntax. Starting with version 8.3, the initial behavior has been restored.

Import an Office Page Using CKEditor

Edit an existing wiki page or a new one in "Wysiwyg" mode then follow the steps described in the dedicated documentation page.


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