Page Attachments

To attach a file, click the PageActionsMenuButton.png button then choose "Attachments" in the "Viewers" section


or scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Attachments" tab.


Next, click the "Browse" button, select the file from your computer and click "Open". At this point you may choose to attach another file. Once you are done adding all items click the "Attach" button.


You will now see in the same tab a list of the files you have attached with:

  • a thumbnail preview for image attachments
  • an icon for non-image files depending on their extension (the icons are using the configured Icon Theme)


Non-ASCII characters are not filtered from the file name when uploading an attachment which means that the name of the attachment can contain special characters.

Starting withe version 9.0 XWiki added support for attachments bigger than 2GB.

The File Upload widget provides an interactive upload User Interface in order to enhance the HTML input elements of type file. To hide the upload related information, just click the "Hide Upload Status" button. To learn more about the configuration options, go the "File Upload Widget" documentation page which is listed in the "Related Pages" section.


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