Page Comments

Users with the comment right can leave comments on pages. This way even if you don't have edit rights but you have comment rights, you may still provide feedback.

Create or Reply to a Comment

The comments area is located in the first tab at the bottom of the page. To add a comment, simply enter the text then click on "Add comment".


You can also click the PageActionsMenuButton.png button and click on "Comments" in the "Viewers" section.


To reply to a comment, click the "Reply" icon. 


In addition to plain text you may also use XWiki syntax in the content.


To preview your comment click on the "Preview" button after you have entered the content.


Should you want to go back and edit your comment further, click "Back". To discard the comment altogether click "Cancel". If you are ready to submit your comment click on "Add Comment".


Edit or Delete a Comment

In order to be able to edit or delete your comments, you need to have edit rights on the page containing them. Also, only an administrator has the privileges to edit or delete other users' comments, whereas normal users can only perform these actions on their own comments.

You may change the comment you made at a later time by clicking the "Edit" pen icon.


You may also create a permanent link to point to a specific comment by clicking on the "Permalink"* icon.


Click on the "Go to permalink" button to view the comment in a separate page or on the "Hide" button to go back.



To delete a comment hover it then click on the red "X" icon and confirm.



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