Page History

To see the previous versions of a page, click on the PageActionsMenuButton.png button in the actions bar, then on "History" in the "Viewers" section


or scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "History" tab. 


The page history displays all the page versions, the author the date of each change, along with a summary which displays the reason why the page was modified.

Besides listing the page versions, the history page can be used to perform other actions as well:

  • Compare any two versions.
  • Set an older version as the current version by clicking the "Rollback" provided the user has edit rights on the page.
  • Delete a version from the history provided the user has administration rights.
  • Delete a selected version range.
  • See, compare or revert to the standard version of a document i.e. the one coming from the installed extension. In our case the standard version is named "Version coming from extension XWiki Platform - Distribution - Flavor - Common 9.8.1".

By default, minor edits do not appear in the page history. The option "Show minor edits" lists all versions, including minor ones.

Compare Two Page Versions

In order to compare 2 versions, you need to check one of the radio buttons corresponding to the version from which you want to start the comparison, located in the "From" column. You will then need to check the radio button corresponding to the version you want to compare the previously selected version against, located in the "To" column. You may choose to include minor edits in the comparison. After selecting the 2 versions you wish to compare, click on the "Compare selected versions" button. Depending on the changes you have made, you will get a result similar to the image below:


The diff "Summary" displays the type of entity that was modified - "Object", "Page property" (content, default language etc.), "Attachments" and so on - and the number of elements added, removed or modified. In case there are several entities modified, click on each of them to display more details and to access the list of differences.

With red you will the content that has been removed since the earlier version wheres the new content will be colored in green.

The compared versions now clickable so that you can load the page at that specific revision. In order to know that you are in fact seeing a page revision other than its last, simply take a look at the text below the page title. 

Page Revision (other than its last)Last Page Revision


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