Panels Application

The XWiki Panels Applications allows creating menus for performing various actions in the wiki(s): search inside a location or the entire wiki, create a page, navigation and so on.

XWiki provides a default set of panels grouped in 5 main categories: 

  • Information - "Blog Categories", "Applications", "Quick Links", "Recently Created" etc.
  • Navigation - "Blog Archive", "Recent Blog Posts", "Navigation", "Child Pages", "Sibling Pages"
  • Tools - the "Search" panel, the "Create Page" panel 
  • Administration
  • Other

Also, there are 2 possible context actions for panels: view or edit. 

In order to create and edit panels or to change the panels layout, you need to have administration rights.

Access The Panels Home Page

To access the Panels Application home page, click the DrawerMenuIcon.png icon which launches the drawer menu, then on "Application Index" in order to access the list of installed applications and finally on "Panels".


The new and improved Panels home page displays a livetable with the available panels that can filter panels by name, description, type (edit or view) and category (Information, Navigation, Tools, Administration and Other). Provided you have administration rights, you will also be able to edit or delete panels.


Create a Panel

To create a panel, go to the Panels home page, fill in the name of your new panel and then click on "Create".


A new page will open in "Inline Form" mode so that you can continue the panel creation by filling in the corresponding fields.


Finalize the process by saving the page.


Panel List

The Panel List provides a dedicated UI for an easier customization of the panels layout and it is available globally, in the wiki administration page and locally, on the page administration. 

To access the global Panel List, go to the Panels home page and locate the "Available Panels" section. Finally, click the "Panel Wizard" link in information message with a magic wand icon.


Another way is to click the DrawerMenuIcon.png button which opens the drawer menu, then on "Administer Wiki".


In the wiki preferences page, click on "Look & Feel" in the accordion menu, then on "Panels".


Next, select the Panel you wish to use from the "Panel List" tab,


drag the panel from the "Panel List" and drop it into the panels area (left or right). Don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Save" after you are done.


If you now go to any wiki page you will be able to see the panel in the same area you dropped it in.


To remove a panel from the left or right column without deleting it, just follow the reverse process: drag the panel from the column and drop it to the "Panel List", then click on "Save the new layout".

Change the Panels Visibility

By default, the panels you drag & drop with the Panel List from the wiki administration are displayed on all the wiki pages. 

Display a Panel for a Nested Page and its Children

In case you want to display a panel only on a specific nested page and its children, you will have to access its Panel List. To do so, click the MoreActionsMenu.png button, then on "Administer Page".


Next, click on "Look & Feel" -> "Panels" in the accordion menu on the left, then on the "Panel List" tab and follow the steps described in the previous section.


Display a Panel on a Single Page

In order to display a panel only on a specific page, you have 2 possibilities. In case you don't need to further customize the look & feel of the panel, i.e. use the default skin and color theme, you can use the {{panel /}} macro as follows:

{{panel title="My Panel"}}
Content of the panel.

You can place any XWiki content in the content of the panel. Also, the title parameter is optional.

If in return you want to use a custom CSS, one solution would be to use the panelheader and panelfooter Velocity macros, then to define CSS rules for the .panel class as shown in the "Skins Extensions" tutorial.


#panelheader('My panel')
Some panel content

Other available Velocity macros which are distributed with a standard XWiki Standard instance are:

  • #largepanelheader($title)
  • #hiddenpanelheader($title)
  • #largepanelfooter()
  • #hiddenpanelfooter()

Customize the Panels Layout

By default, both panel columns are displayed in the wiki pages, but the page layout is customizable via the wiki or the nested page administration page.

To set the panels layout for the whole wiki, click the DrawerMenuIcon.png button to open the drawer menu, then on "Administer Wiki".


In the wiki preferences page, click on "Look & Feel" -> "Panels" in the accordion menu


and on the "Page Layout" tab, select one of the different layouts and you will be able to preview the new page layout instantly. Should you decide to keep the changes, click on "Save".


Any panel you drag & drop from the Panel List appears in the "Panels Displayed on the Left/Right" text-boxes. In case you already know the name of the panels you wish to be displayed and you don't want to use the Panel List, you may specify them here in a coma-separated list, as you can see in the image below.


Additionally, you can choose the width of each panel column - the available options are small, medium (default) and large. When you choose the "Small" width, the panel becomes a dock bar.

To set the panels layout for a nested page, click the MoreActionsMenu.png button, then on "Administer Page".


In the preferences page, click on "Look & Feel" -> "Panels" in the accordion menu to the left and follow the steps described in the above paragraphs.

Delete a Panel

To delete a panel you have 2 possibilities. You can either locate it in the Panel List, then click on "Delete"


or you can navigate to the panels home page, search for the panel in the livetable, then click the corresponding "Delete" link.


"Applications" Panel

The "Applications" panel is a special panel displayed on the left column which lists the extensions installed on the wiki and dedicated buttons for easy access. Wiki administrators can choose which applications to display as explained in the dedicated documentation page.

New Panels

Nested Pages Panels

Given that starting with version XWiki has adopted the "Nested Pages" paradigm, there have been 2 main changes in the Panels application:

  • the "Navigation" panel displays nested pages and it is displayed by default the left column
  • the "Sibling Pages" panel displays the siblings of a terminal page
  • the "Child Pages" panel displays the children of a nested page

Tips Panel

The "Tips" panel is part of the Help Application and displays useful tips and tricks about how to use XWiki.


"Need Help" Panel

The "Need Help?" panel was added to the column on the right and comes with dedicated links in order to get community and professional support.


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