Put Footnotes Macro

The Put Footnotes macro is used with the Footnote macro for displaying the footnotes declared in the document content at the current position. In case the document does not contain footnotes, nothing is displayed. Also, if the explicit call of the macro is missing, the macro is called by default at the end of the document.


{{putFootnotes /}}


In order to create a link, you usually select the text that you would like to become the label of the link and then choose the right option from the Link menu based on the type of link you wish to create. You can change the label of the link later, in the link creation process, by editing the link after it was created or directly in the editing area.
You cannot create links inside links and you cannot create a link if the selected label spans through multiple blocks of text (paragraphs, headings, lists etc.). This last constraint is due to the fact that a link has to be in-line.

You can use an image as the label of a link. To do this, you have to select the image and follow the steps for the type of link you wish to create. Note that you won't be able to edit the link label during the link creation process. If you want to change the label of an image link after it was created, then edit the image.
The full format of an image is either **##image~: (reference)##** or **##~[~[image~: (reference) {||parameters}]]##**

{{putFootnotes /}}

**##queryString##**: Allows queries to be passed to the server when creating the download link for the referenced image. Example: ##queryString="width=100&height=800&keepAspectRatio=true"## (**##keepAspectRatio=true## will fail if the ##width## and ##height## parameters are specified in addition to ##queryString##!**)

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