RSS Macro

The RSS macro displays the content of an RSS feed.


{{rss feed="<feed>" content="<true|false>" count="<count>" css="<true|false>" image="<true|false>" width="<px|%>" 
decoration="<true|false>" encoding="<string value>" /}}


NameOptionalAllowed ValuesDefault ValueDescription
feedNoAn URLNoneThe URL of the RSS feed
  • true
  • false
falseA flag stating whether to display the feed content next to the feed item link
countYesAn integerIf no value is specified, the macro will display all itemsThe number of feed items to display
  • true
  • false
falseIf the flag is set to "true", the macro adds the dedicated CSS classes from "colibri.css" (rssfeed, rssitem, rsschanneltitle) that can be overridden via the skin page
  • true
  • false
falseA flag stating whether to display the image of the feed
widthYesA string30%The width of the box containing the RSS output, in px or in %
  • true
  • false
trueA flag stating whether to display UI decorations around the feed and feed entries
encodingYesA stringIf specified, then this encoding will be used to read the RSS feed's XML. Otherwise the encoding is guessed from a variety of places like the XML header, BOM, XML Prolog, etc. This parameter should be used when the guessed encoding is not correct.Guessed
The RSS Macro now supports feeds delivered over HTTPS and it now uses its own user-agent string, XWiki/VERSION, where VERSION is the version of the XWiki in use.


Example 1

{{rss feed="" content="true" count="5" width="50%" /}}

will display 


Example 2

{{rss feed="" content="true" count="3"
image="true" width="50%" /}}

will display



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