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To share a wiki page by email, click the PageActionsMenuButton.png button and choose the "Share by email" option in the "Actions" section.


In order for the feature to work correctly, you will need to configure a SMTP server as described in the dedicated documentation page.

You may choose to send the page:

  • As a link
  • Inline in the message

In the "Send to" box, you can either specify an email address or an username as long as the user has an email address specified in his profile page. The suggest as you type feature will help you through.


The User Picker is used by default by all the XCLASS properties of type "List of Users" to display the user avatar, first name and last name. Also, it allows adding multiple users in one step.


Moreover, when you are in a sub-wiki, the "Send to" dialog displays a scope toggle that allows you to control whether the suggested users are local or global.


If you are in local scope, the icon will be LocalScope.png, whereas in global scope, the icon will be GlobalScope.png.

In case you want to remove an user from the list, just hover it and click on the red "X" in the top right corner.


To remove all users at once, just click on the "Clear selection" link. You can also customize the message you want to send and it is also possible for you to receive a copy if you select the "Send me a copy" check-box. Finally, click on "Send" and you are done.

Additionally, you may include the shared page in your favorites list, so that you get a notification message each time someone modifies it.



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