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Simple and Advanced Editing

To edit a page using the default editor, click on the "Edit" button located in the actions bar (see also how to edit the page in “wiki” mode on the xwiki.com blog).


XWiki comes with "Simple" and "Advanced" editing modes and you may choose which editing mode you prefer from your user preferences page.

If you use the simple editing mode, you will automatically edit the page in WYSIWYG or "Wiki" mode for standard pages and in "Inline form" mode for pages including Forms. 

By using the advanced editing, you will have some extra options in the menu when clicking the "Edit" button: 

  • "Objects"
  • "Class"


By clicking on "Edit", you will simply use the default editor for that page or form. The default editor setting is available in the user preferences page.

As we have adopted the Nested Pages feature, the "Access Rights" option was removed from the edit menu for non-terminal pages. In its place, you can use the new Administer Page UI.

Hide Technical Content and Change Syntax

In XWiki it is possible to hide a wiki page. This means that some events triggered by these pages, like creation, edit or delete, won't appear in the Activity Stream, the search results, the wiki index or the page index.

To hide a wiki page, edit it in "Wiki" or "Wysiwyg" mode and check the "Hidden page" option from the "Page Information" panel to the right then click on "Save & View". It is also possible to make your hidden pages invisible for other users when they use the Search feature. To learn more about this, go to the documentation page about 'user preferences'.


Finally, you may convert the page content to another syntax by selecting the desired value from the "Page syntax" drop-down. For the moment, only the xwiki/2.1 syntax is configured by default, but provided you are a wiki administrator you will see a "Configure more syntaxes" link allowing you to add extra options to the list. For more details, please refer to the XWiki Syntaxes documentation.


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