Space Index Macro

The "Space Index" macro is bundled with XWiki Enterprise and it is used for instance when creating a space with the "Space Dashboard" template. The macro displays the list of pages for a space passed as parameter, provided the user has view rights on the space.

The "Space Index" macro also displays pages marked as hidden. 


{{spaceindex space="<space>" count="<count>" /}}


NameOptionalAllowed ValuesDescriptionDefault Value
spaceYesAny stringThe name of the space for which to display the document index.If no value is specified, the macro will use the current space.
countYesA numberThe maximum number of documents to display. In case you want to display all documents, the value should be "0".100


{{spaceindex space="XWiki" count="50" /}}

will display


In case the space has more documents than the value of the count parameter, the macro will display a message similar to "and X more documents in space Y" along with a link to the space index page.

The "Create a new page" link will only appear for users having the necessary permissions like edit or admin.


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