User Directory Application

Access the User Directory

The User Directory displays the list of registered XWiki users, along with their avatar. To access it, click the DrawerMenuIcon.png button which opens the drawer menu, then on "User Index".



User Customized User Directory

The User Directory can display sortable and filterable XWiki.XWikiUsers properties as columns so that any user can customize his view over the User Directory livetable by adding or removing columns. To do so, click on the "customized" link in the info message displayed just above the livetable.

Add a Column

The columns that you may display in the livetable are shown in the "Available Columns" drop-down list. If you want to have an extra column, just select it then click on "Add". 


The corresponding XWiki.XWikiUsers class property will appear in the "Selected Columns" text-box


and you will also be able so see a preview of the livetable.


In order for the changes to be permanent you will also need to click on the "Save" button. Go back to the User Directory page to see the results and you will notice that the message on top of the livetable has changed to "You are viewing a customized user directory. You can reset it to default or customize it further."


Remove a Column

To remove a column, navigate to the User Directory customization page, delete the name of the corresponding XWiki.XWikiUsers class property from the "Selected Columns" text-box then click on "Save". 

Restore the Defaults

The columns displayed by default are "first_name", "last_name" and the un-modifiable columns which will always be displayed first: "_avatar" and "doc.fullName". To restore the defaults go to the User Directory customization page and click on "Reset to Default". 

Globally Customize the User Directory

Wiki administrators can globally customize the User Directory and define which columns to display. To do so, log in as administrator, click the DrawerMenuIcon.png button to open the drawer menu and choose "Administer Wiki".


In the accordion menu to the left, locate the "Users & Rights" sub-section, then click on "User Directory".


To start the customization, just follow the same steps presented in the above paragraphs.


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