User Preferences

The "User Preferences" section allows you to configure your default editor and to easily change your password. To access it:

  • click on your user avatar in the top menu bar
  • click the DrawerMenuIcon.png button to open the drawer menu, then on the user avatar or on your name

Next, in your user profile page, click on "Preferences" under "Settings" - for easy use, each field now has a documentation hint. 


Change Editor Preferences

To change your editor preferences, click on the yellow pen icon in the top right corner. You may choose between "Text" and "Wysiwyg" as your default editor. More details about the editing modes are available in the dedicated documentation page.

You may also select between the simple and advanced user, depending on your wiki needs. By selecting the simple user, you will have access only to the default editor. If you select the advanced user, you have a wide variety of edit options. More information regarding the simple and advanced editing are available in the dedicated documentation page listed in the "Related Pages" section.


Display Preferences

Hide Technical Content

The XWiki users can decide if a document should be hidden which means that no event triggered by it will appear in the Activity Stream. To learn more about this feature, go to the documentation page about the simple and advanced editing. By selecting "Yes" in the "Display hidden documents" drop-down list, the hidden wiki pages and spaces will appear in the search results for you as well as for the other users.

Extra Accessibility

By enabling the extra accessibility features from your user preferences, some visual elements will be added in order to help the visually impaired people navigate through the wiki: the links are underlined, the font is larger and stronger. This option is mostly useful for the screen readers.

Localization Preferences

You can decide to use a specific timezone so that the dates reflect your current location without the need to make changes on the server. For this purpose, we have introduced the "Localization Preferences" section which contains a drop-down list you can select the timezone from.


Extension Preferences

By enabling the extension conflict setup option, you will be able to define the rules of the default conflict answer. This means that when installing an extension you can tell the Extension Manager how to handle:

  • a merge without conflict
  • a merge conflict 
  • situations when a local modified version of the extension exists in the wiki but with no previous version available
  • cases when an extension page exists in the previous version of the extension but that same page was deleted from the wiki

For more details, refer to the Extension Manager documentation listed under "Related Pages".

Change Password

To change your password, click on the "Change password" button. A new page will appear asking you to fill in the current password and the new password. Click on "Save" and you are done.



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