The WebDAV feature exposes wiki content like attachments or page content through the well-known WebDAV protocol. This allows using WebDAV clients like DAVExplorer, file browsers like the Windows Explorer (XP), the Finder (MAC) or Nautilus (Linux) to directly browse and edit wiki content just as you would do for files in your local file system.


XWiki.org when seen while browsing it using a file manager over WebDAV

Here are some benefits of a webDAV-enabled XWiki installation:

  • Mount an XWiki wiki content into the user's local file system.
  • Use local application programs to manipulate page content and attachments.
  • Easily perform batch operations on documents (e.g. add 100 attachments to a document).
XWiki's WebDAV implementation doesn't support locking and versioning DAV operations yet, but you can use the Basic Access Authentication method.

WebDAV Clients

The XWiki-WebDAV interface requires a WebDAV client installed, but nowadays operating systems have built-in WebDAV clients. There are many WebDAV clients and their behavior may vary because functionalities might not be unique. In the worst case, they might even be broken on some clients. We will keep updating this document with instructions on how to use the various WebDAV clients to access the XWiki-WebDAV interface. In the mean time, if you find out that your particular WebDAV client has problems with accessing / using the XWiki-WebDAV interface, you may consult the community for reporting issues.

WebDAV clients known to work with the XWiki-WebDAV interface:


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