XWiki Standard 9.8.1 Documentation

XWiki Standard 9.8.1 Documentation


Get Started With XWiki Standard

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1.png Administer your wiki farm, view the wiki directory, page, users and applications index.  

2.png Edit your user profile and preferences, access your personal dashboard or check the alerts generated by the Notifications Application.

3.png Edit pages or create new ones.

4.png Administer page preferences, copy, rename, delete or share them by email, view the page source or print the preview.

5.png Edit inline the wiki welcome message and play the XWiki presentation video. 

6.png Learn basic tips & tricks about how to use XWiki and access the Get Started Guide.

7.png Install applications from the XWiki extensions repository using the Extension Manager or create your own applications with App Within Minutes.

8.png Access the XWiki installed applications.

9.png Launch the XWiki home page presentation tour.

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You can use the documentation index to search for information in the documentation space. Type in the name of the page you are interested in or type in some text in the "Summary" section. A list with relevant documents connected to the search you made will appear. You can filter these documents by selecting the guide you are interested in from the "Type" column. Also, clicking on a tag from the cloud below will display all documents related to that specific topic.

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