XWiki API Reference

XWiki APIs are the methods that the XWiki development team consider safe to use because backward compatibility is guaranteed. They can be called from Java or directly from your wiki pages using a scripting language.

The XWiki Scripting Reference Documentation is available at this link.

The latest scripting API documentation is available as JavaDoc:

You might also be interested in the Rendering Engine API:

The full Javadoc is available at this link. In case you are interested in older Javadocs of XWiki, they can be found in our Maven Release repository.

It is not recommended to use a class having internal in its package because it means that the class is not a public API and the XWiki developers can change it at any time, thus its stability is not guaranteed.

When you see code marked with the @Unstable it means it is a new public API that is still considered unstable and that can change at any time.


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