XWiki Database Schema

Tables of the 'xwiki' Database

Below, there is the a schema diagram of the 'xwiki' database.



Tables Used for Custom Mapping of XWiki Classes

The custom mappings configuration is done in the xwiki.hbm.xml file which is available on GitHub

For the moment, the "XWikiComments" class is not using the xwiki.hbm.xml custom mapping, so the xwikicomments table will be empty.

Tables Used by the Statistics Plugin

Tables Used in the Deprecated Table Class Property System

Given that now the class information is stored in the XWD_CLASS_XML column of the xwikidoc table, the tables below are not used anymore:

Database Indexes

To improve your XWiki instance when running with many documents, you should run the following script to create indexes for your database.

create index xwl_value on xwikilargestrings (xwl_value(50));

create index xwd_parent on xwikidoc (xwd_parent(50));

create index xwd_class_xml on xwikidoc (xwd_class_xml(20));

create index xwr_isdiff on xwikircs(xwr_isdiff);

create index xws_number on xwikistatsdoc (XWS_NUMBER);

create index xws_classname on xwikistatsdoc (XWS_CLASSNAME);

create index xwr_number on xwikistatsreferer (XWR_NUMBER);

create index xwr_classname on xwikistatsreferer (XWR_CLASSNAME);

create index xwr_referer on xwikistatsreferer (XWR_REFERER(50));

create index xwv_user_agent on xwikistatsvisit (XWV_USER_AGENT(255));

create index xwv_cookie on xwikistatsvisit (XWV_COOKIE(255));

create index xwv_classname on xwikistatsvisit (XWV_CLASSNAME);

create index xwv_number on xwikistatsvisit (XWV_NUMBER);

create index ase_requestid on activitystream_events (ase_requestid(200));

create index ase_page_date on activitystream_events (ase_page, ase_date);

create index xda_docid1 on xwikiattrecyclebin (xda_docid);


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