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XWiki Setup Overview

If you are a first time XWiki user we recommend that you use the installer to get up to speed quickly. Once you get more familiar with XWiki you might want to set it up on your own database or in your own container, in which case you will need to download the WAR file and set it up and use the XAR file to load a default set of pages.

The standalone package provided by the installer includes a Jetty container and an HSQLDB database all set up. However, it is not supposed to be used in production, since the embedded database does not support large wikis efficiently.


XWiki Setup and Upgrade

Where do I find the standalone distribution in order to get more familiar with XWiki?
Where do I find the XWiki production installs?
What servlet containers can XWiki use?
What relational databases can XWiki use?
What is Distribution Wizard and how can I use it to upgrade my wiki?
What should I backup before an upgrade?
How do I upgrade the XWiki WAR?
How do I upgrade a wiki using a recorded file?
How do I configure the MySQL?
How do I login in case access right get messed up and my admin account doesn't work any more?
Where do I find the older versions of XWiki?

Wiki Management

How do I create a wiki template?
How do I create a wiki from a template?
How do I access the wiki directory?
How do I edit the wiki parameters?
How do I create a wiki template?
How do I delete a sub-wiki?
How do I configure an access policy for my wiki?

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