The "xwikilistitems" Table

The xwikilistitems stores the data of the list items for XWiki objects of type "Database List". The list is stored in the xwikilists table.

The mapping information is available in the xwiki.hbm.xml file:

<joined-subclass name="com.xpn.xwiki.objects.DBStringListProperty" table="xwikilists">
   <column name="XWL_ID" />
   <column name="XWL_NAME" index="XWLIST_NAME" />
 <list name="list" table="xwikilistitems" lazy="false">
     <column name="XWL_ID" />
     <column name="XWL_NAME" index="XWLI_NAME" />
   <index column="XWL_NUMBER" />
   <element type="string">
     <column name="XWL_VALUE" index="XWLI_VALUE" />

The columns of the xwikilistitems table are:

ColumnData typeDefault valuenot-nullIndex
XWL_ID (primary key)bigint(20)0true-
XWL_NAME (primary key)varchar(255)-trueXWLI_NAME
XWL_NUMBER (primary key)int(11)0true-


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