XWiki Videos

This wiki page is dedicated to XWiki video tutorials. Here you can find some interesting tips on how to use XWiki. Videos are only available in the English language for now. Note this page is not meant to replace the XWiki documentation. The complete product documentation can be accessed by clicking this link.

Homepage overview

  • Discover the elements displayed on your homepage
  • Start browsing your wiki

Homepage customization

  • Learn how to change your wiki color theme
  • Learn how to add panels and columns to your wiki look
  • Learn how to add widgets to a wiki

Page and content creation

  • Discover how to create a space and a page
  • Learn how to use the WYSIWYG editor
  • Discover the view and edit modes  

Importing Office Documents to XWiki

  • Discover how to import Office Documents to your wiki
  • Learn how to use a "Table of contents" macro

Application Within Minutes (AWM)

  • Discover how to create an application with AWM
  • Learn how to use your application

Adding/removing extensions

  • Discover how to add/remove extensions using the Extension Manager
  • Discover the XWiki Administration UI