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XWiki Documentation Home Page

Welcome to the XWiki documentation home. You can use this page to navigate to the product documentation you are interested in. Click here to access the French documentation.

XWiki Cloud

XWiki Cloud introduces a new default Wysiwyg editor - CKEditor - the old editor is still available and it can be enabled by wiki administrators from the "Edit Mode Settings" section of the preferences page.

If you are new to XWiki, the user guide is the perfect place to start learning about XWiki basics, such as nested and terminal pages, editing modes and also about how to edit your user profile and user preferences

XWiki Enterprise

Online Version User Guide Admin Guide Developer Guide

XWiki Enterprise 8.4.4 comes with additional CKEditor features, improved avatar image quality, drawer menu changes and much more. 

If you are new to XWiki, the user guide is the perfect place to start learning about XWiki basics, such as nested and terminal pages, editing modes and also about how to edit your user profile and user preferences

The administrator guide is for advanced users having administration rights. This documentation will help you perform more complex tasks on your wiki, such as creating users and groups or panels, handling rights or customizing the look and feel of the wiki. 

The developer guide brings an overview of the XWiki Data Model, a reference of the XWiki API, a summary of the XWiki Widgets, macros, Platform Plugins and Platform Modules as well as some advanced examples of how to customize your wiki. 

The videos section offers some interesting tutorials on how to use XWiki. 

XWiki Enterprise 8.4.4 Overview


The 'Link' dialog has a new "Display Text" input that allows to specify the link label. 

Starting with version 8.4, we have added a dedicated configuration page to the wiki preferences. The new section allows administrators to activate or deactivate specific functionalities in the editor toolbar or to enable the display of the "Advanced" and "Target" tabs in the "Link" dialog box. 

Moreover, you can now create a link to a non-image attachment by simply dropping it over the editing area. 

Finally, provided the "Show Advanced Tab" and "Show Target Tab" options are enabled in the CKEditor administration page, you may set the link attributes like: Id, Name, Advisory Title, Style, decide whether to force download or to set the link "target" attribute (like opening it in a new window and so on).

Page Creation

When creating a page, you now have the possibility to filter page types thanks to a dedicated text input. 

Starting with version 8.3, we have added partial matches to the "Notice" screen for both not found pages and attachments. The list of suggestions addresses minor typos and misspelling - including lower case versus upper case - and also bad location requests.

Page Template Providers Restrictions

Starting with version 8.3, you may enforce:

  • visibility restrictions i.e. decide on which locations the template provider will be visible to an user who wishes to create a new page
  • creation restrictions which refers to the list of locations where the template provider allows the creation of pages in order to control where users are allowed to create various types of content

App Within Minutes

Starting with version 8.4, the App within Minutes wizard has a new step - Entries - that generates a template provider allowing to expose the application in the "Create Page" dialog.

Similarly to Page Template Providers, you may now enforce visibility restrictions as well as creation restrictions for the application entries. As a consequence, we stopped using the "Data" location.

Extension Manager

Starting with version 8.3, the Extension Manager displays only recommended extensions by default. This is why you will notice 2 more options in the drop-down list:

  • Recommended Extensions
  • All Remote Extensions with a corresponding search button that should be used in case no recommended extension is found for the provided search.

Color Themes on Sub-wikis

On sub-wikis there are now 2 tabs in the "Color Theme" section:

  • Local - refers to the color themes from the current sub-wiki
  • Global - allows to use a color theme from the main wiki

Page Export

The page export modal popup is now split in 2 format categories:

  • Office Formats - for the PDF, RTF and ODT export
  • Other Formats - for the XAR and HTML export. In case the exported page is nested and has children, you may choose to export them too.

User Preferences

For easy use, each field in the user preferences page now has a documentation hint and default values are better highlighted. 


  • The icons are now displayed using the Icon Theme Application.
  • You can easily subscribe to the RSS feed for the whole blog by clicking the RSS icon next to the "All" link in the "Blog Categories" panel.

Drawer Menu

Starting with XWiki Enterprise 8.4.2, the drawer menu displays items by scope which can be local or global. As a consequence, options like "Home", "Create Wiki" and "Delete Wiki" have been removed in order to focus on more frequent operations.

Create Wiki

The  "+ Create Wiki" entry in the drawer menu was replaced by a button in the wiki index page

Applications Panel

In older versions, applications were listed alphabetically, which was quite limiting for the users. This is the reason why version 8.4 adds support for reordering items.

Improved Quality of the Image Avatar

The quality of scaled images (most noticeable in the case of user avatars) was much improved, thanks to the Thumbnailator library that we started using since version 8.4.4. 

Office Importer

In case the imported file has embedded images, they are now saved as attachments to the target wiki page. This used to be the default behavior until recent versions of LibreOffice / OpenOffice have started to embed the images in the generated HTML, which ended up in the wiki syntax.

Message Stream Application

The Message Stream Application is now disabled by default and needs to be enabled to activate the feature. This was chosen in order to not clutter the UI by default, considering that not all users would need this feature. 


Starting with version 8.4, sub-wikis have asynchronous initialization which reduces the chance that one or several initializing wikis end up eating all the farm input threads.


NEW Children Macro

The Children Macro is part of the Document Tree Macro and it can be used to display a tree view of all children of the current page.

Dashboard Macro

The Dashboard Macro now displays a Gadget only provided its content is not empty when rendered.

Document Tree Macro

  • The macro now displays the rendered translated page title when the showDocumentTitle parameter is set to true.
  • Child pages are now sorted by their raw translated title, with a fall-back on the raw default title and then by the page name.
  • Child pages are sorted by their name when the showDocumentTitle parameter is set to false.
  • The support for relative references in the root and openTo parameters has been improved, but you still need to prefix the entity reference with its entity type.
  • The behavior of the limit parameter has changed, meaning that if there is only one child node remaining the "more ..." link is replaced by that child node, instead of displaying "one more".

Gallery Macro

The Gallery Macro now has 3 parameters: class, width and height.

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